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Mrs. Ashaki Noni Nichols, a devoted wife and a proud mother of three, possesses an
unquenchable love for the realms of law and politics.

She, alongside her beloved family, finds their home in the bustling Metropolitan Atlanta area, while her roots trace back to the heartwarming city of South Bend, Indiana.

Armed with a Master's Degree in Administration and a rich background as a paralegal, Ashaki's journey is a testament to her enduring passion for law and order.

Ashaki has gracefully navigated a diverse array of professional roles, including her tenure as a Paralegal at esteemed organizations such as JLL, Porsche AG, Turner Broadcasting, and Truist

In these pivotal positions, she expertly oversaw contract administration, adeptly
negotiated terms, and played a pivotal role in ensuring steadfast financial and regulatory compliance.

Her prowess spans contract management, legal administration, compliance, and interconnected spheres, reflecting her unwavering commitment to precision and proficiency.
Beyond her illustrious career, Ashaki charts an ambitious path as a candidate for the esteemed office of President of the United States of America in the upcoming 2024 Elections.

Her campaign rests firmly on the bedrock principle of "Freedom," underscoring the profound importance of preserving Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms
for all citizens.

She passionately believes that these rights are divine in origin, not the Government's to grant or revoke, and must be upheld as sacred.

Ashaki Noni Nichols stands as a fervent advocate for social justice and human rights, tirelessly working to sculpt a society that is more just and equitable.

Her leadership style is distinguished by its core values of care, compassion, community, collaboration, and change, illuminating the
path toward a brighter future

Together, let's build a future where every American has a voice, where diversity is our strength, and where the dreams of everyday people fuel the progress of our nation.


The fundamental principle guiding our campaign is "Freedom & Liberty." We firmly advocate for the utmost respect for people’s individual freedoms and liberties. We firmly believe that these rights are divinely endowed and derive from our connection with a higher power, not from the Government.


It's crucial to return to the roots of American industry by revitalizing our manufacturing sector. We must prioritize domestic production, ensuring our products are made right here, providing jobs and boosting our economy. Similarly, we need to invest in sustainable energy solutions, utilizing our natural resources responsibly, and embracing innovative technologies.


We need to get back to Manufacturing our products. We need to get back to drilling for more oil. We need to get back to what works, and that is hard work that has been time-tested and proven.


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